Skyfest 2.0 Bay of Lights Sihanoukville Cambodia

April 5, 2024

1 mins read

Imagine a sky full of colors, cute and unique animal-like kites where families, friends and lovers gather to enjoy such an amazing time. Where do you think that could be? Of course, it's Bay of Lights at Sihanoukville of Cambodia. 

On the 30th & 31st of March 2024, Bay of Lights held the one and only event to dedicate our love and care to the big blue sky called Skyfest 2.0. Having accomplished the first Skyfest in 2023, Bay of Lights brought this special opportunity again to give the people of Sihanoukville as well as attracting national and international participants of over 20,000 from various places to this unforgettable land by the beach to witness amazing Khmer kites, creatively weird animal-like kites as well as to try out various types of foods, beverages and kite workshops at the event. 

 Skyfest 2.0 brought people together creating moments for families, friends and lovers to be even closer to each other while enjoying sunset by the beach, fun activities provided by our partner sponsors, food choices as well as entertainments performed by exciting artists and DJs, 

The sky was filled with joy, art and love while the beach filled with excited crowds, and Bay of Lights couldn't be happier for being a part of these memorable moments brought back home after the event was concluded. 

Last but not least, be sure to stay tune for more exciting events at Bay of Lights ! 

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